Private wine tasting at Salut Wine Studio

A cozy and elegant wine studio in Barcelona

6/1/20232 min read

Salut Wine Studio is a cozy wine studio in the heart of Barcelona. I usually hold wine tasting in Salut. The space is cool, with a simple but elegant deco. The philosophy behind the studio is simple: create great experiences that involve food and wine. I love to collaborate with Salut because we share the idea that wine tastings go beyond just drinking wine, each bottle has a different story to tell.

During a wine tasting, I usually adapt my story telling depending on the public. The focus is different whether I am talking to a professional sommeliers crowd or to wine lovers. But generally I like focusing on details which tell stories of the people behind the wine.

At the end of the day what makes wine special for me are the stories behind it. Wine is culture. Through wine you can learn the geography of a place, the history and much more.

The tasting can focus on Catalan wines, discovering hidden treasures, or it can include a selection of the best Spanish wine or as well blind tastings. Regardless of the subject I always select wines from small producers connected to a geographical area, which work the land in the natural and respectful way. In other words, small productions, great histories and amazing quality.

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